Put your Money to work
Earn up to 5.6% APR by lending it to sensible
households, controlled from your phone
5 year average, Pre Tax, Assumes full reinvestment. When you
lend your money, your capital is at risk.
Current demand from investors for our peer-to-peer platform is exceptionally high. If you would like to start investing with us, sign up to our waiting list and when we're next open to new investors we'll be in touch

How Numus works

Who is your money lent to

We only lend to responsible borrowers, for responsible purchases, our main product
is for home mprovements and particularly for solar panel installations.
Borrower pays
Depends on their credit store
You get
Our Fee
No other fees apply

You trust us with your money. We take that seriously.

We have more than 12 years' experience in dealing with consumers and lending. While Numus
provides a platform for you to lend your money, We work hard to minimise our lenders risk in
three ways: a prudent credit risk policy, diversification and an effective recoveries policy.

Total Lent on behalf of Lenders € 359,100
Total Lost by Lenders € 0

How we manage risk

Getting started

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