Put your money to work
Lend to approved, creditworthy borrowers
Earn 5-10% p.a
Enjoy protection from our Provision fund
Keep control: re-invest, draw income or withdraw early
Interest rates shown are annualised and pre tax, assuming loan repayments are reinvested at
the same rate, and any bad debt is covered by the Provision Fund.
Projected returns are not guaranteed. As with any investments, your capital is at risk.

How Numus works

Who is your money lent to

You'll invest only in personal loans to creditworthy individuals who pass our rigorous approval process. Currently we only lend for energy efficient home improvements, like solar panels or a new boiler through our network of contractors

Our borrowers
Average Income
Typical Age

You trust us with your money. We take that seriously by

Lending to approved, creditworthy borrowers
Diversifying your funds across many loans
Protection from our Provision fund
An effective bad debt recovery process

Change total lent on behalf of lenders to€ 274,046
Total Lost by Lenders € 0

Average Return
Your minimum return would
be 5%, depending on your
risk appetite. By selecting to
lend some of your funds to
householders with a lower
credit score, you can
achieve return of up to 10%
Average Term
3 years
Terms of loans can vary from 6
months to 5 years
Withdrawal Time
> 30 days
Withdrawal time depends on how
soon another investor is ready
to take over your lending
commitment. No fees apply

Getting started

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