Banking for your smartphone
Our account will be fully launched in late 2018., see below what features are currently available.
  1. 1

    Fully Fledged current account

    • Your own BIC and IBAN.
    • Make and Receive Transfers.
    • Easy but secure login.
  2. 2

    Debit Card - Coming soon

    Withdraw cash at any ATM, or pay at any location worldwide that has the Mastercard
    symbol, change your PIN, lock your card, order a new one all from your smartphone.
  3. 3


    We have no transactions or monthly fees.
    If you dont use your account for 6 months and if you have a positive balance, we reserve the
    right to charge your account €5.50 per month until such positive balances are exhausted.
  4. 4

    Features - Coming soon

    • Realtime Notifications.

      Get realtime notifications after every transaction.

    • Pay a phone number or email.

      No more IBANs, just transfer money to a persons phone number or email.

    • Control Your Card.

      Turn your debit card on or off, set spending limits or only allow it to be
      used in stores and not online. Change your PIN or order a new card.

    • Request Money from your contacts.

      Easily remind people.
      Bill Splitting Feature.

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