Our team

Patrick L Kinsella - CEO

Patrick founded Numus in 2015. After selling his first business Wastepal in 2014, with the money in the bank he really started to notice the low rates banks were paying savers. He recalled the interest rate he paid on loans during his 7 years in Wastepal and then the lightbulb went on. By cutting out the middle man (banks) he could deliver a much better return to savers and cheaper more flexible loans to borrowers and along the way, improve the customer service and experience, just like he done to the waste industry.

Patrick enjoys trying to shoot clays (no animals or people harmed) hiking and politics.

Paul Kinsella - CTO

Paul has been the public relations and communications manager for Hotsip AB (Sweden), which was the global leader in VoIP - until it was sold to Oracle in 2005 and the marketing manager for Zinek AB (Sweden), which developed messaging servers. Paul founded and was CEO of Sunrise Innovations which is one of the global leaders in waste management software, with over 150 system installations worldwide.

Paul enjoys slow cars, fast servers and fine* wine.
*fine may be assumed as any

Arthur Cox Irelands

Arthur Cox Irelands leading law firm was engaged to provide legal advice around compliance, structure, terms.

Prepaid Financial Services

Numus currently engages Prepaid Financial Services to operate all of its money accounts and to operate all financial transactions on behalf of our customers.

HLB Sheehan Quinn

HLB Sheehan Quinn have been engaged as our statutory auditors
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